Ride the River Blind

from by Mark Lenover



I fell asleep and dreamed we all died in a fiery crash
and we found that the afterlife was much like the life we’d left
far behind in the smoke,
where the cinders, they spoke
in strange, lashing, crackling tongues at the greatest length
all damn day
All about the dreams they’d have of things they’d never see
and how they’d be satisfied with a drink and a place to sleep
They got quite a kick,
out of taking their licks,
for a song and a pint to keep their guts appeased
just as they pleased

Holiday on a breakaway plank
Let your lips move to match with mine
Don’t I know you?

Then the boys and the voice that led them sang a hundred different songs at once
They tipped a stack of barrels back and howled at the moon for months
When a change in the light
would catch the black in their eyes
they’d kick back, laugh and ride the river blind
All damn night
Now the dream kept folding, spinning and it dropped us off beneath the soil
where the sweat from our brows would bead and collect in a pool to boil
Then they’d stir it all up,
and mix it up in our guts,
and send it spraying, steaming, streaming up the spout
How they flushed it out

Holiday on a breakaway plank
Let your lips move to match with mine
Don’t I know you?

And the steam and the waves shoot up and rain down on the river below
onto the rafts and tankers, getting at the gas-man’s place to grow
Until the fire goes to ground,
‘till the smoke cleans us out,
until we wake up, grin and beg another round
Oh, tear down
I awoke with a start and a feverish twitch about my face
with all my years of living boiled down to a wicked disgrace
Then I got to my knees and I begged and I pleaded for the Lord to put me in
a righteous place
Then I prayed for the Lord to cleanse the trouble from my mind
Then I prayed that the Lord would have me walking at His side
when the trumpeter’s song
carries it’s children along
and leaves the fool to ride the river blind


from Every Time It Rains, released January 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Mark Lenover Hamilton, Ontario

Through a distinctive fusion of folk, rock, theatre and electronica, Mark Lenover critically examines pop culture’s ubiquitous influence, its moral philosophy and the potentially devastating effects of drug abuse and mental illness. His recent work frequently challenges an increasingly pervasive culture of celebrity, self-indulgence, distraction and desire.
Mark currently lives in Chatham, ON.
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