Dead the Beast, Dead the Poison

by Mark Lenover

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❤Jessie Jayne ❤ Banshee Chapter had the most hauntingly beautiful song
. I've been listening since,you are unique ,elusive as fuck but i ♡ that ty jessie


released December 2, 2010

Composed, Performed and Recorded by Mark Lenover
Mastered by David Disher



all rights reserved


Mark Lenover Hamilton, Ontario

Through a distinctive fusion of folk, rock, theatre and electronica, Mark Lenover critically examines pop culture’s ubiquitous influence, its moral philosophy and the potentially devastating effects of drug abuse and mental illness. His recent work frequently challenges an increasingly pervasive culture of celebrity, self-indulgence, distraction and desire.
Mark currently lives in Chatham, ON.
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Track Name: I Fell in Love
I fell in love with a girl in the park
She gave me her time, and I gave her my heart
I saw the world in a whole different light
after I gave my love to a girl in the dark

She was dressed as a healer
but she withered in the heat
She looked just like a healer

She told me to call when the fever broke
then her hair went white and my blood went cold
Track Name: Double
You’ve got your fingers crossed behind your back
You fancy that, I can’t see the devil hidden behind
your every smile
I’ve got you figured out
I’ve turned you inside out
I’ve got you figured out
I get the feeling that your mouth is full of flies
You drank to my health as you plotted my death
I saw double
I begged forgiveness as I planned my revenge
I saw double

I keep my feelings safely paralyzed, all the time
Your teeth are always sneaking up behind
your hateful smile
You won’t live to regret
ignoring your double’s debts
No, you won’t be separated
in death
You’ll pay double
Track Name: The Mirror
There are cowards in my mirror
and they all look just like me
They put poison in the pantry
They slipped scissors up my sleeves
They cut themselves regularly
They’re all skin and bones
There are cowards in my mirror
and they won’t leave me alone

There are cowards in the mirror
fat with rotted cattle fodder
They put worms in all the apples
They put salt in all the water
Track Name: The Killing Place
I’ve been dreaming of the killing gardens
where empty ribcages and tombstones grow
I woke up feeling like I’d murdered something
but who or what it was I didn’t know
The bedroom stank of carrion and rye
and all the furniture had been replaced
There was a stranger perched upon my headboard
He said he’d met me at the killing place

He wore a look that was at once familiar
His teeth were sharpened but his eyes were kind
He bowed and told me he was at my service
His heart was hidden but his fangs were mine
He advised me to go forth and forfeit
my earthly trappings to a shallow grave
He promised that he would be along shortly
He said he’d meet me at the killing place
Track Name: Malone Dies
I get the feeling that I’m never alone
Is this a nut-house or a hospital?
I’ve got my journal and a killing streak
I’ve got my window and my memories
Nothing’s more real than nothing
It’s got a hatchet and a hell of a swing

I’ve got a feeling that your crosses of bone
are made of a couple of thieves I know
Of course, you told me as much yesterday
through the winking Jesus carved in your teeth
Nothing’s more real than nothing
It’s got a hatchet and a hell of a swing
Malone dies…

I’m never going to hit anyone again
I’m out of ink and I’ve run out of lead
I’ve no regrets, and I’ve nothing left to say
I always figured things would end this way
Nothing’s more real than nothing
It’s got a hatchet and a hell of a swing
Malone dies…
Track Name: Nick's Departure
He’s a faint, dystrophic rival
dressed in blankets knit of epithets
and euphemistic drivel
but his costume won’t protect him from
the winds that herald otherness
the swift, avenging providence
that facilitates the slaughter
of sadistic, mulish egotists
Old Nick’s guilty as sin

Hell will seep into his coffin
It will suck him from the boneyard
It will leave his old throne empty
in its gaudy, gold encasement
but it won’t allow his legacy
to survive his earthly traces
As he sinks into oblivion
it’ll seem as though he’d never been at all
Old Nick’s guilty as sin
Track Name: A Proposal
It’s not a proposal
It’s more like a threat
I will not be burdened with promises
Promises are like lovers
They expect to be kept
But I’m determined to take every advantage I can get away with
You can’t honestly mean you wouldn’t take what was offered you
She wouldn’t take this shit unless she wanted to
I really can’t help that she’s glutton for grief and punishment
I’ve been honest with her, I swear, since the moment we met

You don’t know what we’ve bee going through
We always get what we ask for
She’s a lifer
She’s a contortionist
She’ll take what I give her, and she’ll count herself blessed
Yes, she’ll make a home of a hornet’s nest
I’ll take every inch that she’s willing to give
Once she can’t bend anymore, then she’ll break
but don’t worry she’ll live
Track Name: Our Song
You taught me to beg, and how to unmake a bed
You taught me how to raise a scene
And perhaps most important, never fuck where you sleep
‘cause it’s bound to end up in bad dreams
Well I thought I’d write us a melody
and though it’s more than we deserve
it’s short, it’s simple and it’s ugly
and it suits us, for whatever that’s worth
Track Name: Tether-Boy
Winter’s where I end up when I pray
beneath a comforting cloud-cover as I fall asleep
I dream of all the places where I’d really rather be
until I wake up running circles around you
I always wake up running circles around you

I was content to watch my tumor grow
I always thought it best to stick with the devil one knows
and though my cage was open, though my chariot swung low
I’d always wake up running circles around you
I’d always wake up running circles around you

Winter’s where I end up when I sleep
beneath a comforting blanket of snow and fallen leaves
I dream of all the people who I’d really rather be
until I wake up running circles around you
I always wake up running circles around you
I’ll always wake up running circles around you
Track Name: Bedlam
Vamps, holiday drunks, mechanical tits, melee fanatics, hobby anarchists, self-fellating misanthropes, bottle-tossing, skull cracking bruisers, failed experiments, cut-ups, cut-throats, tore up, stripped down, dancing, rutting, licking the sugary glaze off the glad-eyed, stumbling good-time-girls

Tickets are cheap

Runners, teasers, glittery tongues and the All-Knowing Flicker

Run for your life

Midnight’s coming…
Track Name: Death Without Tears
Don’t correct me when I contradict myself
Don’t come and collect me when the alcohol runs out
Don’t waste your time on strays
We’re glad things turned out this way
Death without tears

Don’t subdue me when I’m working myself up
I’m sure you’ll see right through me once I’ve emptied my ninth cup
Don’t waste your time on drunks
We’ll tell you when we’ve had enough
Death without tears